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Why Willow Tree Naturals?
Because your health matters to us. And because you should be able to pronounce every ingredient in the products you use, and be able to eat them all too.

We use only the best ingredients.

You won't find any parabens, synthetic colours, artificial fragrances, formaldehyde, or any other 'junk' in our products.

We love this planet.

And want to help save the forests. A portion of our yearly proceeds will go to saving and planting trees.

We offer unique products.

We offer amazingly creamy body butters, healing herbal salves, beard oils and balms, and more!

Creative Mom Team.

Want us to make something just for you? Let us know, we love making new things.

Why should you buy from us? Because we care about this planet! A portion of our proceeds every year will be donated to save trees and to plant more. We're also committed to Eco-friendly packaging & decreasing our carbon footprint wherever we can.

About Us

We're two busy moms who only want the healthiest products for our kids. And honestly, some of the best products are ones you can make yourself, at home. So we did just that. As our babies crawled around our feet, we concocted some awesome body products to use ourselves. And you know what? They were so good that we had to share. So here we are, offering our amazing products to YOU!


Naturopath, homeopath, Doula, wife, and mom to one amazing human. Lover of all things natural. World traveller. Avid gardener. Life long learner. Want to know more technical stuff? Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology, Psychology & Nutrition, Certified Naturopath degree, Diploma in Homeopathy, Certified Doula, Arvigo Practitioner of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Natural Fertility specialist.


Massage therapist & birth Doula. Mom to 2 amazing, active tiny humans. Loves nature, hiking, healthy cooking, and all things natural. Born & raised in a mountain town in B.C. More technical specs: Massage diploma from Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage, Doula training completed with Childbirth International